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L Plates: The Rules

You have most likely seen cars with reds L’s on the front and back, the L plates. They are used on any car that a learner is driving to let other vehicles know that it is a learner driving, not an experienced driver. This allows other vehicles to give the learners more room to react to situations as well as giving you, the learner, more time to react to unpredictable maneuvers from them. Read on for everything you need to know about L plates.

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First Driving Lesson

Everyone is normally nervous on their first driving lesson but normally by the end of it everyone loves it and is really proud of what they have achieved. Lets see what to expect on our first driving lesson.

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Don’t Get Caught in These New Driver Traps!

Driving can be scary for first-time drivers, but with the right info and getting ready, they can feel confident and stay safe while driving. Knowing the most common mistakes that new drivers make can help them stay away from those mistakes and be successful while driving on the road.

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