Course Content
Chapter 6: Parked Cars and Meeting Traffic
How to deal with meeting traffic situations
Chapter 7: Rural Driving
How to drive safely on Rural Roads
Chapter 8: Dual Carriage Ways
What the basics rules are on duel carriageways
Chapter 9: One Way Roads and Systems
Chapter 10: Reversing And Maneuvers
Chapter 11: Driving Down Hill and Up Hill
How to drive down hill and up hill
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All Roads Lead to The Same Destination

Josh The Driving Instructor: “Who am I?”

I am a qualified teacher and driving instructor, I have learnt there are a number of ways that people learn and not everyone learns the exact same way.  Sometimes you have to think outside the box to get the message across,  for instance I am personally a kinesthetic learner, meaning I learn best by doing but I also do enjoy and work better with some visual learning included. This can be a picture or by watching a video and sometimes audio learning by listening to a video or a book.  Some but not everybody is the same, some people prefer just reading.  In this Complete Driving Course I have tried to cover all bases so as to give you the best opportunity to learn everything you need to get the confidence and know how to drive.

Same Goal Different Methods
If you are having lessons with a driving instructor along side using this course they may teach you some things differently to how I teach them.  That is a good thing because there is more than one way to do things.  This is not the only way to learn, this is just how i teach it. If your driving instructor prefers you to do things differently, then provided they explain it and it makes sense to do it like that, then do it their way.

The Beauty of this guide

Let’s say you have just bought the Complete Driving Course to find out something specific or there is a section that you dont fully understand and need some clarification.  You can leave a comment or let me know and I will add to it. I may even make an extra video on it for you. So do not hesitate to ask if you do not get something because you can guarantee if you do not someone else will not either. And that is not the aim of this game.

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