Course Content
Chapter 6: Parked Cars and Meeting Traffic
How to deal with meeting traffic situations
Chapter 7: Rural Driving
How to drive safely on Rural Roads
Chapter 8: Dual Carriage Ways
What the basics rules are on duel carriageways
Chapter 9: One Way Roads and Systems
Chapter 10: Reversing And Maneuvers
Chapter 11: Driving Down Hill and Up Hill
How to drive down hill and up hill
Online Driving Course
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Introductions – Learn To Drive Here

Welcome to my Online Driving Course. This course is designed to be a one stop shop to get you confident and ready for the road. Many of us do not even know how a car works before they start their first lesson. This will give your the know-how and confidence to get into the car, start your lessons and eventually pass that test! So suit up and get ready to learn!

What is it You Want?

The most important thing for me is to make sure you have everything you need to drive safely on the roads. So if you think this course is missing something that would help you, leave a comment at any point in the course and I will not only reply but i will also add every request within my power.

Driving Course Summary

The Complete Driving Course will take you from a beginner’s stand point with no knowledge of driving or even how a car works to being a confident student ready to step into your car for the first time, knowing exactly how the car works and how to drive in a safe but confident manner. We all know there is ultimately no replacement for physical driving experience, however there are hundred of hours that can be saved by simply having a strong understanding of the car and how it works.

How The Car Works

Many of us have never learnt how cars even work, having a basic understanding of how the car works gives your the head start you need to take on the physical information of how to drive. Your first few driving lessons are about getting to know the car and how to stop and start, this course will teach you that before even your first lesson. This saves you time, effort and most of all money!

How To Drive

The key to learning to drive is understanding how the car works and how you can interact with the car. This course will include everything you need to get the car moving safely and confidently. This complete course will help to prevent those simple mistakes we make when learning to drive and help you to understand what those mistakes are so you can avoid them in future.

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