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How to stop condensation in the car

Condensation in your car in the winter can be an absolute nightmare particularly for the older cars.  We are about to share with you some solutions to help you prevent this from ever happening again.  Here is how to stop condensation in the car.

What causes car windows to fog up?

The main reason for condensation forming is because the temperature inside your car is different from the temperature outside your car.  condensation is made of water droplets.

When the cold air from outside meets the warm outside your car this turns back into water leading to foggy windows.  The main contributors getting condensation off from people.

How do I prevent car windows from fogging up?

I wanted to be as well ventilated as possible. This can be done by leaving the windows open a little bit and putting the defrost setting on the car climate control air-con.  It’s also helpful to give your windows a white down on the inside that is going to get rid of any excess water.  If you spell any drinks in your car try and dry them up as much as possible as this is going to cause a lot of condensation and tell all the water dries out.

Is it safe to drive with condensation on the windows?

No it’s massively dangerous to drive with condensation on the Windows because it’s completely obscured with you increasing the risk of a crash.  it is really important that you defrost the windows using the air conditioning or white and down before driving.

Whys my car going moldy?

Best way to think about this is what bacteria need to grow in warm and moist environments so if your car is going to have lots of condensation in that because the car is warmer than the outside and it’s got moisture in the car as well.  The best way to avoid this is keep it all nice and dry and make sure that it is ventilated. You can do this by opening the window a little bit and making sure you run the air-con on a regular basis. 

What is the difference between fog and condensation on car windows?

The main difference is that fog is actually on the outside of a car when it’s cold and moist outside.  condensation forms on the inside of the car because of the difference in temperature from the outside to the inside leaving my son the inside of the windows.

Is it illegal to drive a car with foggy windows

In short, yes it is illegal to drive with condensation on your windows because it’s going to affect your visibility on the road.  This can lead to a hefty fine and points on your driver’s license so best not to risk it.

What are the consequences for driving a car with obstructed visibility due to car condensation?

You could receive 3 points or a fine if you’ve committed an offense in the last 3 years and a fixed penalty charge of up to two-and-a-half hours and pounds..

Everytime you read “about” the consequences of driving with condensation on your windows everything will say it could and this is because it’s unlikely that you’re going to be convicted for having condensation on the windows unless it leads to an accident.  so the chances of an accident are going to be higher with condensation on the windows and if it was an accident the consequences of this could be enormous.

5  Tips to Stop condensation in your car

  1. Make sure there is nothing damp inside your car, no spilt water, no wet towels, no wet coats. 
  2. What’s an it’s really good at absorbing moisture in the car this could be something like a pillowcase full of cat litter. Have a go let me know your thoughts.
  3.  make sure your car hasn’t ventilation provided it is safe to leave your windows open a little bit for a few hours. Circulation is key. It works in your body so it should work in the car too.
  4.  When you’re in the car make sure you are regularly using a bit of air-conditioning and wipe down the inside of the windows.  This is going to help keep your car nice and dry and stop any moisture build-up.
  5. Make sure you give the inside the windows a regular clean dirty track so this is going to be a perfect place to make your Windows Misty.

If you got any comments or feedback on this we want to share your thoughts on window condensation leave a comment below