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L Plates: The Rules

You have most likely seen cars with red L’s on the front and back, the L plates. They are used on any car that a learner is driving to let other vehicles know that it is a learner driving, not an experienced driver. This allows other vehicles to give the learners more room to react to situations as well as giving you, the learner, more time to react to unpredictable maneuvers from them. Read on for everything you need to know about L plates.

Do you have to use L plates on the car?

The short answer is YES!

The long answer is having a regulation-size L plate on the front and back of your car whilst you are driving is a legal requirement. These must be clearly shown and visible for any other vehicle to see.

If you do not have L plates on your car and are pulled over by the police you can receive anything from a warning up to £100 fine and 3 points on a license you do not yet have. When a learner is not driving, the L plates should be removed or covered. The only exception to this is Driving schools and Instructors.

Where should I Put L Plates on the Car?

L plates must be highly visible on the front and rear of the vehicle. There is nothing saying exactly where they should be. It is not advised to place the L plates on either the front or back windows as it will reduce the driver’s visibility, on either bumper as it will be difficult to see by other vehicles, or on the front grill as it will most likely fall off due to airflow. Use your common sense and make sure it is obvious for other vehicles so you do not get a fine or points on your soon-to-be driving license. 

L Plates on your Personal Car for learning

Some learners like to use their own cars for their driving tests. If you do this make sure your L plates are showing clearly on the back and the front. Remember the exmainer can refuse to go out on the driving test if no L plates are being used so it is very important. Most driving test centers will have a spare set so worse case scenario you can ask. It is also advised you keep a spare set in your car at all times in case either plate falls off.

Passing your driving test

As soon as you pass your driving test and have received your pass sheet you can remove your L Plates there and then drive home without them on.