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The Ultimate Online Driving Course: Professional driving lessons designed specifically for beginners learning to drive! 

Fundamentals: Learn the fundamentals of how the car works, what’s most important about driving to give you confidence to get started.

Drive with Confidence: I will give you the step by step knowledge to drive a car in a confident and safe way. 

Learn Anytime, Anywhere: Online course that fit into your schedule.

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What an absolute fantastic instructor. He has a great rapport with students, a great teaching style and my daughter passed with ease. Effective communication with the students using an online booking system and I would highly recommend.

“I would highly recommend Josh. A good driving instructor makes all the difference and Josh is simply excellent! He has a calm and reassuring manner underpinned by a great sense of humour. Josh gets to the root of your driving issues quickly and offers help and advice in a constructive, intelligent and confidence building way. Josh got my test ready in no time.”

“Thanks Josh for supporting me through my learning to drive experience. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Who should join The Online Driving Course?

Learner Drivers

If you’re in the early days of learning, this course is ideal for you! Gain the knowledge and confidence to go into your driving lessons fully prepared.

New Drivers

The topics you will read in this course will be a real benefit to you. You can use this course as a knowledge bible and information hub to understand driving.

Who Am I?

Josh The Driving Instructor

I’m Josh, your driving instructor. I love everything about driving and teaching! I’ve been guiding new drivers young and old, from zero to hero on the road. Learning to drive should be as fun as a road trip with friends. I make sure my lessons are chock-full of information and never boring to keep you learning.

I make sure you are always in the know about the latest road rules and driving techniques. You could call me a driving nerd, and I’m proud of it! 

So buckle up, and choose me as your online driving instructor. You’re about to embark on an awesome journey filled with laughter, learning, and the freedom of cruising down the highway. Trust me, it’s going to be a journey to remember!

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