Don’t Get Caught in These New Driver Traps!



Driving can be scary for first time drivers or even veterans, but with the correct information and preparation you can feel confident and stay safe. Knowing the most common mistakes that new drivers make may help you avoid those same mistakes and be a safe, confident and successful driver on the road.

Driving is a super important life skill to learn. It gives you a ton of freedom and opens up so many doors. But starting to drive can be nerve-wracking, especially because new drivers often make mistakes that could be dangerous or expensive. Understanding what those common mistakes are can help you avoid them and become a more confident and safe driver.

Most Common Mistakes at the Beginning of the Driving Test

1. Steering: Remember your lessons, adjust the steering wheel so it is comfortable and keep your motions smooth. Do not grip the steering wheel too tight or make sudden jerky adjustments (turns). Many first time drivers hold the steering wheel in a death grip and are tense in their test which leads to sudden moves and can lead to failing test maneuvers or even an accident. 

2. Blind Spots: Check your mirrors and your blind spot when you are changing lanes or joining traffic. Many forget during their test just remember to take a peek at your blind spot!

3. Chill, it’s just a test: Being nervous during a driving test is totally normal, but it can make you make mistakes like slamming on the gas or brakes. Stay cool, focused, and remember to follow the rules of the road and you’ll do great! 

Biggest mistakes people make after passing driving test

  1. Ownership. Get permission always if you are using someone else’s car. 
  2. Rest: Do not drive if you are feeling tired. It is not safe and could cause serious accidents.
  3.  Signaling: Always use your signal when changing lanes or turning. It helps keep the roads safe for everyone.
  4. Speed: Speeding is dangerous and will get you in trouble with the law which could lead to losing your brand new license. Stick to the speed Limit.
  5. Weather: Drive at the speed that is right for the road conditions. Adjust your speed if it is wet or snowing, slow down. 
  6. Distance. Give yourself space to react if another vehicle stops suddenly. Do not follow them too closely. 
  7. Blind Spots: Make sure to keep checking your blind spots before changing lanes or merging. 
  8. Stay focused: Do not let anything distract you while driving. Stay alert and keep your eyes on the road.
  9. Distractions: Do not allow your passengering to distract you while driving. Keep your focus on the road.
  10. Keep cool: Do no panic. If you make a mistake while driving, stay calm and keep your cool. Then try to not make that mistake again.

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