First Driving Lesson



People are usually very nervous on their very first driving lesson. However by the end of the lesson they usually love it and are very proud of what they accomplished their first time.

1st Driving Lesson

What to expect on your first driving lesson

The first thing will be your instructor will likely ask to see your provisional license to make sure it is legal for you to drive. The second will depend on where your instructor meets you. They will usually drive you to a quiet, safe location and once they You will begin learning to drive the car.

When you arrive in the learning area your instructor will tell you to sit in the driver’s seat. This is where you will learn your cockpit drills. Adjusting the mirrors, seat, headrest, belt and steering wheel so it is all comfortable for you and in the correct positioning. Get used to this, it is something you will need to do every single time you get into someone else’s car. Your instructor should remind you in your lessons if you forget. Once you have practiced it, it usually only takes a minute or 2 to complete. The first time can take between 20-60 minutes though.

The second half of your lesson will involve learning the basics of driving. This will include:
1. Moving the car from a standstill.

2. Stopping the car.

3. Changing gear.

What happens if I make a mistake?

Student on a Mock Test with Josh The Driving instructor

I try to point this out to everyone, that is what your driving lessons are for.  The day you stop making mistakes is the day you are ready to drive on your own. So don’t panic about any mistakes, just try and learn from them and you will be ready to drive on your own in no time.

You can also find everything else you are going to learn in some of our other blogs below.

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