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Are you looking for an answer to How Many Driving Lessons do You Need? Do not worry; we have you covered in this article!

Nobody is more suited to helping you figure out a game plan with your driving lessons than an experienced driving instructor. Instructors and driving schools typically provide a first assessment lesson and will then often discuss what is going to work best for you. It’s a terrific opportunity for you both. You will get to know this new instructor while they evaluate your skills and estimate the number of hours you will need to reach test-standard proficiency. When learning to drive, no specific hours or lessons are legally required. For example I have had students pass there driving test in just 10 hours while some more nervous students have taken over 80 hours of driving lesson tuition to pass their test, however, a novice driver typically needs 20 hours of training and about 20 hrs of driving lessons. The DVSA recommends closer to 45 hours of driving tuition and 20 hours of private practice.

The fact is that every person is unique. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to prepare for your test—it could be 45 hours or 5 hours. The most crucial factor is that you are a skilled and careful driver when it counts.

Is It Better To Have 1 Or 2 Hour Driving Lessons?

A driving school may assist you throughout the registration process and aid with test preparation and developing safe driving practices. You can select the duration of the driving lessons, which are typically 1 or 2 hours long when you enroll at a driving school. In general, people learning to drive choose the 2-hour driving classes because they can give them more chances to put their skills to use. A two-hour driving instruction has additional advantages, such as:

  • Less weekly lessons are required, which benefits those with more demanding schedules.
  • Less time is wasted driving to learning areas at the start and driving home at the end as this is done every 2 hours instead of every hour.
  • If you find your self feeling nervous at the start of each driving lesson well 2 hours reduces how often you are going to feel nervous and will probably help you take in more information.
  • The driving instructor may have to drive you to the learning area at the early stages which in a 1 hour lesson will take up far more valuable lesson time.

Why can one hour driving lessons be better?

Not everyone prefers the longer lessons including me the instructor sometimes. They can be exhausting, and some pupils have trouble remembering everything they have learned. You may find you begin making more mistakes as the end of the driving lesson draws near. A 1 hour lesson however might be more appropriate for you if you perform better in brief sessions.

Your driving instructor will design your lessons so that you will cover all the necessary driving material. They might also suggest some adjustments considering your performance.

Can I Pass My Driving Test After 10 Lessons?

In theory yes you could potentially pass in 10 hours. As an example in over 100 students that I have helped pass there driving test 2 of those have completed it in less than 10 hours. Most are between 20-50 hours of driving.

Driving instruction typically lasts 45 hours, plus an additional 22 hours of practice. But don’t let this discourage you. Some drivers could require less, while others might need more. The fact is that passing your test as a good driver is more important than how many classes it takes. The sheer number of newly licensed drivers engaged in collisions proves the value of completing your driving test with good quality driving habits and more importantly a decent level of experience and a sensible conscience.

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