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The highway code always has little updated and changes to the rules to improve safety on our roads. But some large changes have been made leaving lots of us very confused about the new rules. IF you are feeling that do not worry we have you covered.

What is hierarchy of road users?

Think of a pyramid – At the top of the pyramid you have the most vulnerable in the event of a collision on a UK road. At the bottom you have the least vulnerable person or object that could use a UK road. So with that in mind a person is the most vulnerable and is therefore at the top of the pyramid, followed by cyclist, horse riders and motorcyclists. After this we then have cars and van drivers followed by bus and lorry drivers at the very bottom. With bus and lorry drivers being far larger vehicles than anything above they would cause the most danger in the event of a collision.

By this point im sure you are thinking this is common sense, which I would agree with. However they needed to create a clear set of rules for people to follow, especially with the possibility with future self driving cars being on the roads, without those rules where would blame lie?

Where Can I find the new rules in the highway code?

All the rules of the road can be found in the highway code which makes it a really good idea to have one in the car to answer any of those questions your just not quite sure of. Get a highway code here:

What do the new rules say?

Rule H1

This rule is focused around taking responsibility for our own safety and others safety as well. It reminds us we need to be considerate towards other roads users and be aware of the highway code.

Rule H2

This rule explains what we should do at a junction when a pedestrian is waiting to cross. To put it simply when turning into a junction or come out of a junction we should always give way to pedestrians provided it is safe to do so.

Rule H3

This rule is focused motorcyclists and drivers when coming into contact with cyclists, horse riders or horse drawn vehicles. The rule essentially states you, has a lower hierarchy road user should also give way to these other road users when it is safe to do so.

Is the highway code law?

Many rule sin the highway code are legal requirements so yes the highway code is law. However a number of the rules in the highway code say “should” which means we should follow them but we are less likely to be charged with not following them unless we cause a collision. Some of the rules in the highway code use the word “must” which suggests these are a legal requirement and must be followed. lets be honest they are in there for a reason so any one with common sense will follow these rules. However we all make mistakes. But we can do our best to follow them to keep eveyrone safe.

Why did they create the hierarchy of road users?

The main reason is to clarify what was common sense into a black and white set of rules for everyone to clearly understand. I do also however believe they are trying to be future proof and preparing for driver-less cars and all the problems that are going to come with them.

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